Web Development

From start to finish. I have years of experience building custom WordPress themes using responsive HTML & CSS. My goal with building custom themes is to allow as much customization as possible for the administrator while maintaining simplicity.

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I also have lots of experience building applications in C#, .NET, and Angular! It would be a pleasure to tell you about some of the applications and systems I’ve worked on. You can also see some of my personal projects on GitHub!

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A satisfying user experience is important! That’s why I also like to design and develop user interfaces. I get satisfaction from solving design problems and finding new ways to display information in a clear, precise manner that still looks good on different screen sizes.

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Some of my favorite things: tea, coffee, traveling, music, concerts, and obviously… code.

I used to spend a lot of time playing computer games when I was younger, so naturally I became a bit of a computer nerd over time. My family were always big on traveling, so I have also been to quite a few places in my life! I’m still itching to find ways to travel every now and then.

My Experience

My experience as a full-stack software developer and focus on usability and web design will be a fabulous contribution to any project or team. In addition, my variety of experience will help me be able to contribute in more ways than just a list of job requirements. Having mostly worked in smaller teams, I am not afraid of taking on multiple responsibilities at once, and I even thrive on it.

I would love to work with you!

Let’s schedule some time to discuss how I can join your development team, or work on a project with you.